Early Kinder & Kindergarten Enrollment


Please note the following information Early Kinder and Kindergarten enrollment:

Students born September 2nd through and including December 2nd are eligible for Early Kinder not kindergarten. Students shall not be enrolled into Early Kinder if the child turns 5 after December 2. No exceptions. Our early Kinder program is a regional program. Therefore, you do not need to reside in Judah’s boundaries to apply. However, families do need to reside in SCUSD’s boundaries.

For Kindergarten, students must be 5 by September 1, 2018. No exceptions.

2018-19 Early Kinder regional and Kindergarten neighborhood enrollment begins will begin in January 2018. Kindergarten enrollment packets are submitted to the Enrollment Center. 

We ask that families come between the hours of 8:45 AM to 1:00 PM to turn in your completed Early Kinder enrollment packet so we may better assist you.

Due to space availability, parental request for placement in one of SCUSD’s Early Kinder Program sites does not guarantee student placement in the site program. If over enrollment occurs, an independent lottery will be held, and a waiting list will be formed. If a lottery is needed, all applications will be entered equitably in the lottery regardless of the application date.