EK and Kinder Registration
January 14th-28th


Theodore Judah will begin EK and Kinder Registration at the school site on January 14th, through January 28th.  Registration hours will be 9:00AM-2:00PM.  Packets will be available in the front office.

Packets will be ONLY be accepted upon completion and all supporting documents.  Documents that are required are as follows:

1. Address Verification: Bring ONE of the following forms:

CURRENT Mortgage Statement (Issued within 30 days)

CURRENT Property Tax Bill (Issued within 30 days)

CURRENT Property Tax Bill (Issued within 30 days)

CURRENT Rental/Lease Agreement with Landlord’s Information (If the lease is older than one year OR is a month to month contract the current month’s rent receipt is required)

CURRENT Utility Bill (SMUD, PG&E, or WATER) with correct same name ad address in the parent/legal guardian or education rights holder’s name (Issued within 30 days, NO PAST DUE BILLS will be accepted)

CURRENT Voter Registration (Issued within 30 days)

CURRENT Government Agency Letter (Issued within 30 days)

CURRENT Employment Pay Stub (Issued within 30 days)

2. Proof of Birth – Original COUNTY ISSUED birth certificate or non-expired passport for each child

3. Immunization Record Current for each child

4. Individualized Education Plan (IEP) (if applicable)

5.  Guardianship/Custody Papers (if applicable)


Important-  If you reside with someone and you are the parent/guardian/educational rights holder and do not have address verification in our name, you MUST BRING THE FOLLOWING:

  • Declaration of Residency form (DOR) must be completed and signed (see DOR form)
  • A copy of the photo I.D. of the person who’s name is on the address verification document.
  • A copy or original of the address verification document.